Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scenes from Vietnam: Mui Ne

At first glance Mui Ne appeared a bland ocean-side retreat for ex-pats with suitcases.  The surf was non-existent at this time of year and kite boarding, another popular pass-time here, was not in my trip budget.

But with the haunting beauty and wildly varied terrain of the surrounding countryside, I discovered quickly, that all I was going to need to stay occupied here was my camera and a motor bike.
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Fishing Village
North of the hotel strip the town of Mui Ne begins to show it's true colors.

Lily Pads
Just inland the landscape is transformed, first to red clay then pristine white sand dunes.

White Dunes
A common passtime here, so I'm told, is dune sledding.  I procured a plastic mat and proceeded to hurl my self gracelessly off the crest of the dune.  After repeated failure to slide anywhere other than deeper into the bomb holes created with each landing, I can attest that dune sledding does not actually exist.

The Fairy Stream
Named for it's ethereal landscape, this shallow stream winds down towards the ocean through a red and white clay canyon.

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